We believe that an event should be planned in such a way that it completely tells a memorable and positive story when the guests reflects back on their experiences and as a result, seek more of it.

That is why with over 7+ years of experience, the team at Mona Belluci has built a working passion, a deep sense of humor and understanding towards the art and hospitality values associated with making every event a success for you, as well as your guests.

Our expertise centers around proffering event services for conferences, product launch, company retreats, major public events, concerts, social gathering, private dinners, galas and fundraisers, weddings, event invitation planning, art exhibitions and customized experiences.

Regardless of your needs towards an event, we are always ready to form a unique partnership, while helping them to achieve the desired result.

Event Planning

As an event planning company, our priority is solely on bringing to limelight the wealthy impressions of a truly hospitable event to you and your guests alike. From selecting the perfect venue to creating an imaginative theme, we take care of every detail to make your event a stress free and seamlessly managed occasion.

We are here to give you an event that is constructively planned, strategized and effectively executed.

Event Consulting

We understand that planning an event from conception through implementation can sometimes be wearisome. At Mona Bellucci, our professionals are equal to the task, helping you with the right advice, tips and suggestions towards achieving your desired event.

Let us help you get started, as our team is always eager to take up new projects.

Event Management & Coordination

We know that one of the most demanding tasks associated with achieving a planned project is in keeping it effectively managed throughout its lifecycle. As a way to create a truly rewarding service experience for our clients, we employ thorough effective management strategies that create a well-balanced event for your event attendees.

Catering Services

Our unique catering service allows us to work with a wide range of chefs and caterers to create custom menus that bring your guests the most on-trend culinary experience.

Our services include:

  • Catering consultancy
  • Off premise catering
  • Corporate catering
  • Event Catering
Event Marketing

As a way to foster lasting impressions while making your prospective guests aware of the event, we provide event promotion and notification services to ensure your guests turn up at the right venue…on the right day!

We also provide an event invitation strategy service, which is usually reserved for individuals or companies looking to attract top level executives in different sectors to their events.

We usually require a 2 –4 months pre-notification by our prospective clients in order to ensure flawless execution.

Event Ushering

We help provide to corporate and individual clients, a hostess procurement service for any event. As we strive to maintain and deliver a well structure event, our experienced ushering service professionals will ensure that all of your guests are well attended to.

Printing Service

We also provide all forms of graphics printing service to our clients ranging from souvenirs print through event kits.

  • We provide you First Class printing for all your event souvenirs (Cards, Brochures, Almanacs, Mugs etc.)
  • 99% Guaranteed Support
  • Quality print jobs whenever